Hi, I'm Lawrence. I have loved the arts since I was given my first camera at the age of 10. I knew then that photography would forever be part of my life, and I set out to make it so. It has transformed my view of the world, it is part of my DNA. I have now had the privilege of being a professional photographer for nearly 40 years. I believe a photograph should have a story to tell. Its composition should have an emotional impact on the viewer. My photography reflects that, and that is what I love to share with my clients.

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Just a small town girl.

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- I'm obsessed with red shoes
- My iphone 7 is my lifeline
- frogs scare me
- I will do anything for a peppermint mocha
- I've never been on an airplane
- Mountain dew should be a food group


I love shooting weddings. A commitment to each other. Vows of love. An exchange of rings. Family. Friends.  A reflection of who you are. Getting ready to enjoy a long journey together. Precious moments captured in time. 


My area of New York has the best engagement session spots; parks with lush greenery, cityscapes, beaches, bays, oceans, glamorous facades. I love shooting in a relaxed atmosphere. Time to get to know my subjects. Time to capture moments of playful joy. To reflect on the feelings of love and intimacy.  

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